Eye Rejuvenation Set

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Susanne Kaufmann

10,500.00 ฿
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Featuring three of Susanne Kaufmann's favorite eye and skin care products, the Eye Rejuvenation Set brightens the eye area and smooths out fine lines and wrinkles, achieving a complexion that glows with youthful radiance.

What's Included
Eye Cream Line A (15 ml): Nourish and protect the eye area with this anti-ageing eye cream, infused with active ingredients to reduce fine lines, puffiness, and dark circles, and leave skin looking radiant.
Eye Rescue Stick (10 ml): Reduce signs of tiredness and ageing with this energising blend of green coffee, jasmine, and hyaluronic acid to refresh and rejuvenate the eye area.
Lifting Mask Line A (15 ml): Lift and firm skin with this mask containing a blend of active botanicals to leave skin looking brighter and more firm.